An Archaeological Atlas of Burton upon Trent

Lez Watson

1 Location Map
  Geology 1
  Geology 2
  Regional Rivers
  Regional Rivers 2
  Streams Historical & Old River Courses
  Streams, modern
  The floodplain
  Roman 1
  Roman 2
  Ancient Place Names & Routes
  Wetmoor before 1000AD
  Wetmoor Charter Boundary 1012 (2 maps + HER)
  Alternative Wetmore boundary
  Burton Abbey
  Domesday Survey
  Medieval Burton
  From Abbey to Manor
  Ancient Townships
  16th century Burton
  Wyatt Map c1750 reproduced
  Yates Map c1775
  Woods Map 1832
  Ordnance Survey One-inch Old Series from 1834
  Tithe Apportionments
  Wesley Map 1847
  Burton Borough Act 1853
  Molyneaux Map 1867
  Burton Borough Act 1878
  Parish Boundaries post 1882
  Ordnance Survey Large Scale Map 1882
  Ordnance Survey Large Scale Map 1900
  Trams, Buses, etc.
  The 1930s
  Parishes 1999
  Electoral Review 2000
  Present Day Parishes
  Present Ecclesiastical Parishes
  Population Growth
  Street Directory

Case Studies
The Needwood Forest

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