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Historical Maps

Ancient Britain1:625,000with National Grid,1951
1:625,000with National Grid,Second Edition, 1964 (published 1965)
1:625,000(Route Planning Map),Third Edition, 1982
1:625,000(Route Planning Map),Fourth Edition, 1990
1:625,000'B' Edition, 1996
1:625,000'C' Edition, 2005
1:625,000'D' Edition, 2011. Reprinted 2016
1:625,000'Feb 2106' Edition, 2016
Britain before the Norman Conquest1:625,000(Route Planning Map),1974
Britain in the Dark Ages1:1,000,000South Sheet, 1935; North Sheet, 1938 (published 1939). Reprinted 1949
Monastic Britain1:633,600with National Yard Grid,1939. Unpublished
1:625,000with National Grid,1948. Unpubished
1:625,000with National Grid,1950. Second Edition 1954-55
1:625,000(Route Planning Map),1976. Third Edition. (published 1978)
Monastic Ireland1:625,0001960. Second Edition 1965
Scotland in Roman Times
Roman series Sheet 3
1:253,440with National Yard Grid,1940/41. Unpublished
Roman Britain1:1,000,0001924. England and Wales
1:1,000,000with extended sheetlines,Second Edition, 1928. Reprinted 1946
1:1,000,000with extended sheetlines,Third Edition, 1965
1:625,000(Route Planning Map),Third Edition, 1976 (published 1978)
1:625,000(Route Planning Map),Fourth Edition, 1979
1:625,000(Route Planning Map),Fourth Edition (Revised), 1990
1:625,000Fifth Edition, 2001
1:625,000Sixth Edition, 2011. Reprinted 2016
1:625,000'Feb 2016' Edition, 2016
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