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Edition History
Main SiteOrdnance Survey Maps
1   July 2000. Original site.-
2September 2001. New edition using MS Development Environment - abandoned.-
3October 2001. New site created in XHTML/CSS.-
4May 2002. New edition following change of ISP. Some JavaScript, revised front page.-
5May 2003. New host. New style front page and CSS changes using HTML-Kit editor.-
62005 Edition. Style sheet and all HTML files revised.-
7June 2005. Recast in SHTML with new index page. -
82007 Edition. Included completion of page improvements.-
92008 Edition. Front page improved and more attractive design.4July 2008.
102009 Edition. New year, new version.-
112010 Edition. Another year, another version. Base font changed to Times New Roman.5April 20010.
122011 Edition. Base font changed to Courier 10pt. New domain name. 6May 2011.
13Added navigation bar.-
142012 Edition. Upgraded to 'almost' HTML5/CSS3 (but still really XHTML/CC2plus!). -
152013 Edition. Adopted Notepad++ as script editor. Recommended.7June 2013.
162014 Edition. New version, new year, including structural and navigational improvements. 8February 2015.
1726 March 2015. Editions no longer 'year-stamped', but progressing in the usual fashion. Ordnance Survey Maps pages navigation bar revised.-
1831 March 2015. Migration to new, UK based, host completed. Computer Lifeline (Burton-on-Trent).-
18.1to 18.4. April 2015: pages edited to suite new style sheet,some tinkering with, and uploading of, image files forgotten in March, new footers added and improvements completed. May 2015: final checks and edits definitely done; August 2015: items added to front page and revised to suit, numerous small tweeks elsewhere.-
18.5March 2016. New page added. Pages reverted to HTML4[/5] & CCS2.-
18.6September 2016. Page deleted. -
18.7October 2016. Revised index page.-
-9February 2017.
18.8July 2017. Page updates and improvements, including improved index page.10July 2017
18.9August 2017. New pages and edits.10.1August 2017


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