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A collection of notes and links to pages about Computing

My first experience in computing was while working as a temp for British Coal (formerly the National Coal Board MRDE an now Bretby Business Park), Derbyshire, 1990 to 1992. I worked in the coal testing labs, where in the later months I was transfered to a small office where I ran specialty tests and up loaded the results on a new Macintosh IIfx computer. Although a stand alone, the machine was connected to the mainframe where I could access Ordnance Survey and other underground mapping. I had no idea how to use it but fortunately the manuals had been left in a drawer and, over the following few evening, I learnt enough to 'fake it'.

Two years later my wife wanted to work some days at home and I was becoming interested in computing (I'd studied electronics and electrical engineering at Tech Coll), so we splashed out on our first personal computer. No way could we have afoorded an Apple product so we settled for a DOS PC.

Total: 2,315 GBP (5,170 GBP in today's money). A sizable chunk of cash given our gross income that year was 13,900 GBP.

There followed more purchases we could often barely afford:

And so it goes on ... and on ...

My Microsoft DOS and Windows versions listing is here

The Lez Watson Inexperience

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