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Publications, Other Projects and Links

I've always got a project on... or two or three or more.



  1. Burton-on-Trent Borough Boundary Post and Stones 1878. To appear in the April 2020 edition of Sheetlines.
  2. Depiction of airfields on Landranger 128, 1974-2018. To appear in Sheetlines later next year.
  3. Ordnance Survey Guidebooks with Iain Taylor. To be offered to the Charles Close Society for publication.
  4. Burton-on-Trent Ordnance Survey 1:500 Scale Mapping. Early days for this one. I started the research about five years ago. It's only now forming in my mind as a publication.
  5. The Ungreening of England - a local Study. Started in 2015 and been on my blog with constant revision - the latest is here.
  6. Local Turnpike Roads. A project from 2012 that is back in view.
  7. An Archaeological Atlas of Burton upon Trent. A long term study. Sneak preview coming soon.


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