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Needwood - a long walk

This page is very much a work in progress in its early stages. Only a few lengths of the walk have been tested recently, so beware!


I have spent a good part of my life since the age of twelve walking, cycling and driving around the Needwood Forest in Staffordshire. Created in 1266 and, although no longer heavily afforested, the Needwood is a large rural area of 9,437 acres. Today "490 acres of woodland remain, with some parts still open to the public"1. Most of the forest lands are under the ownership of the Duchy of Lancaster.
  The forest is easily accessible (see below) and a popular leisure destination. The "Survey today comprises a mix of arable, dairy, sheep and beef farms with some residential and commercial property. There are currently over 60 let houses on the estate, whilst the commercial activity encompasses a diverse mix of uses including a saw mill, equestrian centres, offices and a private airfield."2
  The walk described on this page is, I think, the longest walk in the forest that can be done in a single day taking in much of the great landscape, historical and cultural history of the area.This on-line edition includes non-core items of interest but printing it out will give the route in full. I have chose a staring point in a the north west corner of Burton-on-Trent, being easily accessed by foot, cycle, rail, and motor vehicle.
  A walk along this route could be made with ease on a early midsummers day with good refreshment 'pit stops' along the way. Enjoy!

WAYPOINT LOCATION HEIGHT See here for a map of route.
Start SK 241251 190 ft
The starting point for the walk, St John's Church, Horninglow, can be reached easily from Burton-on-Trent railway station.
  • By car. Turn left out of the station and follow A511 signs for 1.5 miles. The church is on the right, half way up Horninglow Road North. You can turn left and park in Dover Road.
  • By bus. Two bus routes to the church pass the railway station: the number 1 bus (Uttoxeter or Tutbury) sets down a few yards short of the church, and the number 2 bus turns into Harper Avenue and sets down there; walk back round the corner and up the road to the church.
  • By cycle. (Ignore the National cycle network routes.) Turn left out of the station and join the one-way system. Turn right at the town hall and then next left into Byrkley Street. At the end of the street turn right and then left into Grange Street. Cross the busy Shobnall Street and go down the footpath/cycleway to the canal and directly across Shobnall fields. Dismount, and walk over the the A38 footbridge and through the small park to Belvoir Road. Remount, and follow the road to the Queens Hospital entrance. Go straight on along Calais Road and take the third right into Dover road. Go to the end of the road (having dismounted to go up the one-way bit the 'wrong' way). The church is on the other side of the very busy Horninglow Road North. (Email me if you need a safe place to leave your cycles during the Long walk.)
  • On foot. Use the same directions as for cyclists. If you have a good street map, you can vary the walk by strolling north along the Trent and Mersey canal to Horninglow Basin and then up Horninglow Road North to the church.

THE WALK (23.72 miles)

St John's Church, Horninglow
Begin the walk at the entrance to the church. Cross Horninglow Road North and walk up past the parade of shops passed The Plough Inn to the top of the rise at the junction with Calais Road. The route lies straight ahead.
  Cross Calais Road by the pedestrian crossing and walk up Field Lane by the left-hand path. After 2/3 of a mile the lane has levelled off and turns right. At this point go along the track to Outwoods Barn and Bungalow Farm {SK226248}. {Crossing Outwoods Lane SK220249} {Parish Boundary SK217252} {}
A SK 212253 312 ft
Anslow to Middle Linbrook Farm. 2.06 miles
{The Bell Inn}
B SK 167244 423 ft
Anslow to Middle Linbrook Farm and Tatenhill Airfield. 4.05 miles
C SK 132232 292 ft
Middle Linbrook Farm to The Meynall Arms {closed/open?}, Hoar Cross.3 4.42 miles
D SK 161258 453 ft
The Meynall Arms to the Turnpike Road (B5017). 2.77 miles
E SK 173278 486 ft
The Turnpike Road to Hanbury. 1.81 miles
{The Cock Inn}
F SK 212288 217 ft
Hanbury to Tutbury. 3.6 miles
G SK 235277 187 ft
Tutbury to Rolleston on Dove. 3.09 miles
{Spread Eagle}
H SK 241251 194 ft
Rolleston on Dove to St John's Church, Horninglow. 1.92 miles

1. Wikipedia.
2. Duchy of Lancaster
3. From here you could walk to to Hoar cross Hall Health Spa, book a room for the night, and return to the walk afresh the following morning!
4. [Text of footnote]

Needwood Circular Walk route card - 25/12/2014

1 WP0001 SK241251 * St John's Church
5 WP0005 SK238252 Top of Calais Hill. Leave A511
15 WP0015 SK226248 Bungalow Farm
19 WP0019 SK220249 Cross lane
27 WP0027 SK212253 A Anslow
41 WP0041 SK195249 Bell House, Anslow Gate
44 WP0044 SK182246 Home Farm
47 WP0047 SK178255 Needwood House Farm
50 WP0050 SK170250 Crossing B5017
52 WP0052 SK167244 B Lower Linbrook Farm (B5234)
54 WP0054 SK165240 Bomb Store
57 WP0057 SK163238 Byrkley Gorse (snowdrops)
63 WP0063 SK158225 Scotch Hill
68 WP0068 SK150217 Lodge Lane
73 WP0073 SK146226 Crossing A515
82 WP0082 SK137225 C Far Hoar Cross Farm
89 WP0089 SK139231 D Spur to Meynall Arms
98 WP0098 SK139231 Back on route
110 WP0110 SK149243 Crossing A515 again
112 WP0112 SK152246 Crossing B5234 again
115 WP0115 SK157253 Coulters Hill
117 WP0117 SK161258 E Crossing the Turnpike Road
119 WP0119 SK165265 Hanbury Woodend
126 WP0126 SK171274 F Hanbury
136 WP0136 SK180279 G Spur to Fauld Crater
138 WP0138 SK182275 Fauld Explosion Memorial
141 WP0141 SK180280 Back on route
160 WP0160 SK192287 RAF Fauld
172 WP0172 SK208290 H Tutbury Castle
176 WP0176 SK212288 Tutbury village centre
184 WP0184 SK211280 Green Lane Farm (RSPCA)
189 WP0189 SK213269 Rolleston Park
199 WP0199 SK225269 Alder Moor. Crossing A511.
204 WP0204 SK235277 I Rolleston
232 WP0232 SK241251 J St John's Church
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